Smart Wireless Doorbell


  • 300 meters long distance, adjustable tone can change music, prevent string noise is not wrong, simple installation.
  • Indicator, receiver, volume key, selection key, launcher button.
  • Distance barrier-free 300 meters penetration, strong penetration performance, receiving distance to the Air-to-Ground linear distance can reach 300 meters, note: the actual received signal visual environment changes, different signals due to obstacles are different
  • Easy to install: press the button, ring the bell in the room, the receiver installed in the room can be plugged in, receiver intelligent flash, the bell lights


  • Scope of work: 300M
  • Music choice: 36 ringtones
  • Volume selection: 4 tone volume adjustable size.
  • Power supply voltage: transmitter uses a 12V23A battery, receiver: 110/220v
  • Size: transmitter: 7.7*4.6*2cm, receiver: 9*5.6*2cm
  • Scope of application: family business residential areas, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, factories, and other places.

Package Included:

  • 1X receiver
  • 1X emitter
  • 1X double-sided adhesive